A lot of us have ideas but very few decide to do something about them. If you are the one who has decided to take action on your ideas, then we are right here by your side to help you nurture your dreams in the direction that will reap better and faster fruits. We are an early to mid-stage fund cum mentoring hub dealing in Pre-seed, Seed, Series-A and Series-B level investments.

Every start up aims a reasonable market share however to do so a thorough understanding of the market trends and needs is needed. Complete analysis of the business model is the first step towards setting up of a new venture. This is where you need assistance of an expert and where we come into the picture.

The team at Polar Finvest has working knowledge of various sectors in the market. This diversified knowledge collectively comes to your benefit. We provide various services that will globally market your start up or small business. We partner you in your digital media, design, lead generation, and communications requirements.


Sectors We Are Engaged In